samedi 15 juin 2013

Brand New Harmony

♫ We'll sow some seeded fruits
♫ Cream and give 'em with table sets and our softest friends
♫ Like humble light angels
♫ We'll be the water streams that's bottled within trusted glass
♫ As we will work and appreciate our days

♫ We'll have some transpraychips that links us all when we commune
♫ In some open tabs feeling onto light and love
♫ We'll be the joy singers that play our favourite
♫ Tunes back as we're drifting up to wake
♫ We'll make some barefoot shoes and redo what genetic's done to us
♫ We will gain the strength to stare into our eyes (our eyes)
♫ We'll have needed temperature suits coating our body temples
♫ With flying machines so we can trade more

♫ ♫ I want to take you close outside the lone in our towns
♫ ♫ And kiss you on the chin
♫ ♫ We'll set prisoners free from the tethers of this now
♫ ♫ Grow a brand new honesty
♫ ♫ Where everything is changed
♫ ♫ We'll create myriad names (identities evolved)
♫ ♫ The Sun keeps us the Earth
♫ ♫ Aligns our bare needs in this brand new harmony
♫ ♫ Everything is changed
♫ ♫ oOo oOo

*Credits to beloved The Postal Service (Brand New Colony)

I'm With You

♫ You're dancing near the fridge
♫ I'm singing in the light
♫ I feel that you are here there now
♫ There are all thoughts in the rain
♫ Glowing steps on the ground
♫ We're witnessing the pretty sounds

♫ All are better creating to join us
♫ As we help heal broken hearts

♫ It's a sacred warm night
♫ Working to share out this joy
☼ ♫ I will take you by the hands
♥ ♫ Meet you there a clue
♫ I do feel who you are
♫ Oh I, I'm with you
♫ I'm with you

♫ You're writing for a smile
♫ I'm coding for a scene
♫ Love everybody here we know
♫ 'Cause all things going right
♫ And everything's a bliss
♫ And oh one like there on the phone

♫ All are well evolving to self love
♫ As we are blessed with pure hearts

♫ It's a divine hot day
♫ Playing to phrase in this love
☼ ♫ I will run to you through vibes
♥ ♫ Bring you no where glue
♫ I do know who you are
♫ Oh I, I'm with you
♫ I'm with you

♫ Oh how is everything so exciting
♫ Surely we're living our dreams
♥ ☼ ♫ Yeah eh yeah, eh yeah he yeah, yeaaaah yeaaah

♫ It's a magical way
♫ Breathing to grasp out this awe
☼ ♫ You will shock me by brilliance
♥ ♫ Bring me all where new
♫ So you feel who I am
♫ Oh you, I'm with you
♫ I'm with you

♥ ♫ You will hug me on the side
☼ ♫ Shake me all when new
♫ Wanna know who I am
♫ Oh I, You're with me
♫ You're with me

♥ ♫ I will kiss you on the brow
☼ ♫ Feel you all what new
♫ I unite who you are
♫ Oh you, I'm with you
♫ I'm with you

*Credits to beloved Avril R. Lavigne

vendredi 14 juin 2013

God I Love You

♫ If you're in pain I've been there before and we survive ☯ 유 ☼ ♥
♫ I am singing I feel it now 유 ♥ ☼
♫ It's hard for some to swallow blissful for many to shallow ☯ 유 ☼ ♥

♫ When God rises fast love ♥ ✞
♫ From the Middle East to the White House lungs ☯ 卐
♫ Babies still feel to a steady beat ☼

♫ When God rises slow love ♥ ✡
♫ By Oceania lost slaves onto Europa fairy castles ☯ ♛
♫ Kids still sing to a constant dance ☼

♫ When God rises hot love ♥ Σ
♫ In nuclear streets through yoga fields ☯ ✌
♫ Humans still commune to infinite trust ☼

♫ When God rises cold love ♥ ™
♫ Into Pacific fisheries and Atlantis coveries ☯ ☭
♫ Angels still work to all hearts therein ☼

♫ When God rises high love ♥ ☮
♫ With predatory vultures joining compassion elephants ☯ ☠
♫ Earthlings still create to Nature in out ☼

♫ When God rises low love ♥ ☤
♫ As lone planets rotate bright stars ☯ ✿
♫ Plants still grow to civic wonders ☼

♫ No I, I will not, steal or lose ☼ 유 ✫
♫ No, I, I will not, kill or bruise ♥ 유 ★
♫ I am singing I feel it now ♥ 유 ☼
♫ Yes, I, I will do, give and pray ♥ 유 ✪
♫ Yes, I, I will do, share and praise ☼ 유 ✯

♫ Yo Oh Oh Ye Eh ☼
♫ Yo Oh Oh Ye Eh ♥
♫ Yo Oh Oh Ye Eh ☼
♫ Yo Oh Oh Ye Eh ♥

♫ When we awake a new today ∞ ☼
♫ Peace coming on our humble feet ©
♫ Ah Yo Ye Eh Eh Eh ♥ ☼

♫ When we lighten a new space ∞ ☼
♫ Grace glazing out our honest hair ®
♫ Ah Yo Ye Eh Eh Eh ♥ ☼

♫ So influent excitement ☼ ➳ ♥
♫ She takes my hands and walks bounties ♥ ✈ ☼
♫ So powerful blessing ♥ Ⓐ ☼
♫ I set the moves to make us grin ♥ ツ ☼

♫ So delightful emotions ☼ ♒ ♥
♫ We get busy and act values ♥ ▲ ☼
♫ So mysterious existence ☼ ❅ ♥
♫ You jump to art to temperate us shin ♥ ✔ ☼

♫ God I love your smile ☼ ∞ ♥ 웃 유
♫ God I love your eyes ♥ ☼ ∞ 유 웃
♫ God I love your soul ☼ ∞ ♥ 웃 유
♫ God I love your being ♥ ☼ ∞ 유 웃

*Credits to beloved Thomas M. Delonge and Angels & Airwaves

dimanche 26 mai 2013

Life Brings Fruit

My website is on! La Vie Porte Fruit

vendredi 24 mai 2013

Fruit For All Diet

I today offer on the Internet my services as a raw healer, creating a first website in my native language (! I invite you to be part of my unique journey with enthusiam and passion. I shall be of help for many people.

I wrote a brief summary of my health journey...
Especially during the second half of the first decade of this 21st century, I was sick; I suffered greatly so from brain/mental disease - attention deficit, bipolar disorders, anxiety, depression, seclusion, etc. - which I believe was a form of late-autism. Since the year 2009 and through the exclusive consumption of organic vegan foods - raw plants, spring water and earthly matters - I have truly healed my condition. I have once eaten nothing but fruits for many monthly periods; put together about 500 days as a strict fruitarian, and 1000 days as a low-fat/80/10/10 follower. I have become a living foods practitioner and healer.

I hope you mind and heart some poetry; Forever we are One, we are Friends and we can Fly. In the Core, all of Life, and by Spirit, we are purely made with Earth ☯ on Love ♥  to Light ☼ together. Existence is a Miracle. 유

Values List

compassion, kindness, empathy, veganism, joy, appreciation, gratitude, peace, thankfulness, tolerance, harmony, cooperation, humility, humbleness, effort, work, exercise, prayer, vision, dream, healing, blessing, cleaning, cleansing, detoxification, help, nurture, relaxation, meditation, determination, comprehension, perseverance, honesty, forgiveness, justice, equality, measure, virtue, ethics, synergy, fraternity, family, unity, economy, hope, faith, apology, cure, epic, perfection, ascension, praise, belonging, beauty, excellence, good, enthusiasm, passion, purity, community, alignment, accord, laughter, acceptance, agreement, asset, assertion, generosity, patience, friendship

mardi 9 avril 2013

Healing Broken Hearts

As we, for so many years, drank and ate the milk from cows that was naturally destined to - but artificially stolen from - their babies, we completely broke the hearts of both these baby veals and mother cows as they were notably separated from each others at birth; and so our hearts and the hearts of our mothers got completely broken in some ways or others during our present life on Earth.

With this life experience, we come to understand the law of karma as we receive an invaluable lesson of compassion. Fortunately, forgiveness is a key to life; we can start forgiving ourselves when we choose to, stepping into a journey of healing, a trip where our hearts - and our whole body, mind & spirit - cleanse and reconstruct into a state of purity and innocence.